The Girl In The Boat… A Look Back Thru Time

     I am guessing that by now many have seen the photo displayed across the top of my blog.   If you haven’t then shame on you!  No just kidding….   When designing my blog, I stressed over the perfect photo to put on the header that would sum me up in one photo.   I looked at so many photos that I have shot over the years, then ultimately decided that the photo should be more personal…  a sense of who I am behind the camera and under all the “layers”.

     This photo (I am the little girl – 3rd person from the left) was taken in December of 1973 in The Philippine Islands.  My mom is to the left of me and my cousin and family relative by marriage to the right.  There are several reasons for choosing this photo.   First, I totally think it shows the adventurous side that I had then and still possess, but it also shows my mom with a movie camera in her hand and that photography in some form or fashion has been in my life since birth.   My mom was constantly taking super 8 movies when I was growing up.  I use to hate having that camera in my face all the time, but this past Thanksgiving I watched some of those old movies and realized that I am very thankful.  I have few memories of my dad when I was young and those movies gave me a chance to see him interacting with me as a father does.

     But mainly I like this photo because I always wanted to be Indiana Jones and I thought the photo looked kind of exotic.  After all… seriously who doesn’t want to be Indiana Jones!