Rain, Rain… go away!! My morning at The Pet Palace…

   On this rainy, deary morning in Houston, I had the distinct pleasure of spending my morning at the kennel that my pups go to…  The Pet Palace.    Sadly I left pups at home, packed up the camera equipment and off I went out into the rain.    Here on the Texas Gulf Coast, the rain does not usually hang around long but still it was a break from the heat and humidity, if only for a few hours.

   Most folks do not usually send their pups to day care if it is raining, but that never stopped me and my pups absolutely love going regardless of the rain.   I mean they are dogs, aren’t they?  They love running around in the rain and mud and tracking dirt everywhere in the house , don’t they?  so why would a little rain keep them at home.   It should not!  For all those pet owners who have never tried Doggy Day Care – I highly recommend it !    It is the savior of one’s sanity and has for me been a blessing on many occasions.

   My thought process this morning was not all there apparently because I wore appropriate shoes but not shorts or shirt that could get muddy easily… within 5 minutes of entering the group play area, I was properly received with lots of mud and perfect paw prints all over my shorts.  Smiles!! There was a new “kid” in day care that was just rescued from a local shelter by a wonderful family. Molly was in day 2 of group play and was having the most fun! It warms my heart to see dogs get good loving homes and get to actually be a dog and play without worry of abuse or searching for food and shelter. If you live in Houston, please check out The Pet Palace for Doggy Day Care and/or boarding…    My pups love it and usually jump out of truck and knock me over to get inside the building AND they even know their way into the kennel without assistance 🙂

The Pet Palace… it does a dog good! All in all, even with the rain there was much fun to be had by all!


3 thoughts on “Rain, Rain… go away!! My morning at The Pet Palace…

  1. Sandy the pictures you took are so great! I love that you captured and can share with other dog lovers that even on a rainy day dogs can still enjoy hanging out with their friends and make the best out of what mother nature brings our way! Ahh what an imagination you have…can’t wait to see more photos soon 🙂

  2. From someone who enjoys taking photo’s as much as you do it is so nice to see what fun is portrayed no matter the time of day or the weather that is around. Keep capturing those moments and sharing them with the world. I am inspired by your photo’s and I hope others will be too!

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