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I love to see women take charge of their lives and branch out into jobs that they truly love.   My first of my business spotlights is on Monique Spence of  Spence Staffing & Coaching Solutions.  I have known Monique for over 2 years on a professional basis.   Our introduction was actually very funny.  Monique previously worked for a local employment placement office and was cold calling me for potential business.   For the record… I do not like receiving cold calls at home or at work.   I turned down several of her phone calls, in fact she was stopped at the receptionist point.    But Monique was oh so persistent and it eventually paid off as she finally called one day when I was looking for an immediate placement and I took her call.

   From day one Monique listened to what I wanted for a new position that I was constructing.   She listened so well in fact that I hired the second person she sent to me and two years later that lady is still in her position and a huge asset to the company that I worked for.    After that first hire, I used Monique for every placement that I needed after that, and believe me I used her a lot, especially after hurricane Ike when I had to double my work force.    I have personally witnessed Monique handle difficult situations with amazing ease, honestly and extreme professionalism.    Earlier this year, Monique decided to go out on her own.   Spence Staffing & Coaching Solutions is a result of that desire to branch out on her own.

“Spence Staffing & Coaching Solutions provides Personal and Business coaching.  Our focus is helping you achieve Vision Inspired Performance to produce “life-changing” RESULTS! Our outstanding team of coaches, teachers, speakers and corporate professionals have the credentials and life experience to help you live the life you see and we treat you like a VIP!”

    I know without a doubt that Monique will succeed in her new venture because of her dedication, hard work ethic and the ability to listen and understand what the client needs and wants.

3 thoughts on “Female Business Owners… walk a mile in her shoes! | Houston Business Photographer

  1. I have known Monique since high school, and she was a hard worker back then. I always knew she would be successful. Best of luck with this new venture, I know you will be amazing! Also, great article and wonderful photos! 🙂

  2. I actually just met Monique recently… but the conversation we had was so inspiring… and I’m grateful for that. There’s nothing better than connecting with new like-minded people. Monique will be extremely successful in any business she pursues… and will be an inspiration to others as well! Debbie Love from Houston, TX.

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