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     The Jeweler is Slade Lewis of Lewis Jewelers…   Slade grew up in the midst of the jewelry business since his parents started their little jewelry store in 1981.   But sometimes it takes getting away from the family business to give you a full appreciation for what it has to offer.   Slade and I sat down a few weeks ago to discuss his business, his fashionable mom and why he is “going red”.

SAP: “Did you always know that you would take over the family business?”

Slade: “Actually no not at all.   I wanted nothing to do with it as I thought it was more of a girl thing.  As I grew older and graduated from college, I met a few guys in the industry that were really cool.  So, my wife and I came on board in 1999 and started to change the store from a small jewelry store to a branded jewelry, engagement and Swiss time piece destination.   A task that we are still striving to perfect.  Since 1999 we have grown from a small company to one of the top 100 jewelry stores in the US by Harper’s Bazaar Magazine. That is a tribute to our great colleagues and clients.

SAP: “Is there a fun side to owning your own business?”

Slade: “Absolutely!  It s a great business to be a part of in which we get to do many cool things, like being invited to 24 hours of Daytona, the US Open, traveling with the Houston Rockets and getting to throw the first pitch out at the Astros game.  Those are just a few things we have been  a part of in just the last few months.  We have also have the opportunity to meet many famous people from all types of back grounds.   We have even become friends with some of those great people…  Patrick Dempsey and Jeff Gordon to name a few.

SAP: “Wow!  that is exciting stuff and certainly makes up for the long hours and stress.   What are some other events that allow you as a business owner to give back to the community?”

Slade: “We throw a huge party every year at our store as a thank you to our valued clients.   A few years back we decided to tie the annual party to a fundraiser for Texas Children’s Hospital Renal Dept and in 4 short years we have become the second largest donor.  Of course, we also get to be a part of many community charities like Go Red for Women campaign that really mean a lot to us personally.  I have to say we are very blessed to be able to do all of these things by really just helping people create memories that will last a lifetime!  We get to put smiles on people’s faces for a living, what could be more fun than that!

SAP: “Ok now some fun questions that the public may want to know…   What is your favorite food?”

Slade: “grilled chicken and garlic mashed potatoes”

SAP: “What about a favorite TV show or do you even have time to watch?”

Slade: “Yes I manage to squeeze in a little time.  I hate to admit it but I have gotten into the Bachelor a few times.”

SAP: “Your photo shoot was styled with James Bond in mind so what is one place that you have not been but would most like to visit?”

Slade:  “Tokyo, but it is on the to do list!”

SAP: “Your mom (Sandy Lewis) joined you on the photo shoot to play “M” to your Bond and I must say she was awesome and seemed to have so much fun.   Plus I like how she was ready to jump in the shot and do what ever was asked.  Your mom is obviously a big part of your life.   What are three words to describe your mom?”

Slade: “Yes she was great even though it was windy and pretty cold.   She is simply…  My life’s glue.”

SAP: “What is one thing that you learned from your mom that has helped you most as an adult?”

Slade: “She taught me to treat everyone you come across with respect, even if they are on the street corner.”

SAP: “What is the one thing you most like about the jewelry business?”

Slade: “Easy…. the people!  It is so great to meet all of our customers and follow them through the major events in their life and help them make those events so special.”

SAP: “What have you learned most about participating in the Go Red For Women campaign?”

Slade: “Amazingly that not nearly enough women really pay attention to this #1 killer.  I was shocked by the statistics and that so much is preventable.”

Slade’s video diary and outtakes from his photo shoot can be seen on my website at

Slade’s photo shoot was styled with a James Bond theme in mind and shot on location at Clover Field Airport, Pearland, TX.   Many thanks to Darrell Bivens (owner of The Pet Palace) for coordinating the use of the plane and airfield for our shoot.

Slade resides in Houston with his wife Cindy and their two children, Whitley (8) and Levi (5).

Slade and all the heart throbs will be at the Bay Area Go Red For Women luncheon at South Shore Harbour Resort on Feb 25 from 10-2 pm.   Go to to find out more about this extraordinary campaign

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  1. Great photo and what a nice interview. so many times in our day to day life we are so busy to stop and have a real conversation with the people we cross paths with.

    We have had great experiences shopping in Lewis Jewelers – but the jewelry is only one part – the staff has always made it an enjoyable experience which I now know is a direct reflection of the family that owns it. That is why we do our best to visit and support the independent business whenever we can. We enjoy that customer service they always seem to offer which has become a thing of the past.

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