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Monday night at Rodeo Houston was a milestone…   Kid Rock, aka Mr. American Badass from Detroit, was bringing his show to the old establishment of the Houston Rodeo and by their own invitation at that.  This was my second Kid Rock concert in 3 days, having just seen his Born Free tour show in Memphis the previous Saturday night, and Rodeo Houston did not disappoint.  Yes it was a shorter concert (barely 1 hour) and the G rated version, but it was still a show that rocked the rodeo elite in their very seats.  Rock came ready to party and party he did with a little restraint 🙂 but still a show with plenty of zest.   Due to the constrains of the stadium and the rodeo in attendance, all the musical acts have to perform on a circular stage pushed to the 50 yard line that rotates throughout the performance.   Rock is not one to stand still and let the stage do all the work so he made sure all the people in attendance could see and hear him as he moved around the entire platform.
The set was short at 10 songs but he covered the major hits from Cowboy (opening number) to God Bless Saturday, Picture, All Summer Long, then slowed it down again for Care with one of his incredibly talented backup singers and a video clip with rapper TI’s previously recorded part.  In between he showed off his list of talent from piano playing, to drums to scratching on the turn tables to good old guitar playing.   Although Rock and his Twisted Brown Trucker band have been on the road for 2 1/2 months, the show was full of electricity and the flames bursting from the stage.   Rock ended the show with the title track off his latest album, Born Free, but not before his talented saxophone player had everyone on their feet for a rousing Star Spangled Banner.    Rock finished up Born Free by walking off stage on the backend of a Ford pickup (how fitting!) and riding around the stadium to the exit waving at all the fans who had come out for his first (and I am sure many more to come) performance at Rodeo Houston.

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  1. Reading this makes me feel I was there . . .great shots, Sandy.

  2. Amazing shots and such storytelling. You are truly talented.

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