House Hunting + Bad Driving = Family Time

What started out as a leisurely drive house hunting for family member turned into the Indy 500 meets the Dukes of Hazzard.

The afternoon started off fairly calm with a drive thru several well established neighborhoods.  Then we spotted THE HOUSE!  Yes it had almost perfect “curb appeal” and was in the correct price range but was it too good to be true…   Quick call to the real estate agent as happily received and a tour was arranged for just an hour later.   But first I was getting hungry and had been for a bit – yes when I get hungry I need to be fed in the next hour or things get hungry.  Luckily everyone quickly agreed on a place to eat.  After recharging, we met the agent, but sadly there was a “but” to THE HOUSE…  major foundation problems.   Sadness, disappointment and more driving.  Down back roads where bumpy was definitely an understatement…   then we went airborne!  i vaguely was aware of being off the seat and wondering if my butt would ever touch again.   Pause – or the record, I was NOT driving.  Coffee flying then bam! While yes the “dip” was not THAT bad it was unexpected but all in all just another fun, memorable, family afternoon drive.  Hasn’t everyone had one of those?

Since most of the country is watching the movement of hurricane Irene up the east seaboard, I thought this photo seemed fitting.