Weekend Musings… Sunflowers + Antique Tables + Doublemint Gum

Hello Monday… you came way too soon!  This past weekend was one of relaxation and bargain indulgences.    I have this thing where I like to look at pretty things in my kitchen so I indulge every so often and pick up a small bouquet of flowers.   Now I am definitely the bargain shopper so nothing over $7 – how you ask?  Randall’s or Target but usually Randall’s.   But any main grocery store will have fresh flowers and very reasonable.  No roses or anything that smells due to my allergies.   Here is a pic of my new sunflowers I picked up and my “new” old copper pitcher.

Doublemint Gum – this reminds me of my childhood and always brings a feeling of home and comfort.   My dad use to bring this home to me every blue moon.   Sometimes it is the little things in life that bring the most joy…

Spent Saturday in Galveston touring the antique stores there.  So many were destroyed by Hurricane Ike but amazingly recovered and reopened so we try to always buy in Galveston, if possible.   Found this wonderful table and chairs probably 1920-30s era for under $500.

One thought on “Weekend Musings… Sunflowers + Antique Tables + Doublemint Gum

  1. Doublemint gum reminds me of my past as well… especially the long hours we spent making the chains and then various items such as purses etc…

    Love the flower picture- I have never been a rose lover!

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