Weekend Musings: Turkey + Super 8 + Banana Peanut Butter

   Ahh the holidays are in full swing! This year we spent a relaxing few days in Tennessee.   I love holidays in Tennessee – weather is cold and it just makes you want to eat, sit and talk and watch home movies.   We did all of that!  Plus the pup got to watch the squirrels from the front door – even better 🙂    The turkey was huge and we spent all day cooking and visiting with family around the kitchen table.

   Back in the day when I was a small child my mom loved to take movies of all of us.   Not the HD quality movies of today with a cool video cam but with an old movie camera that made Super 8 movies.    So we pulled out the old projector that uses one bulb (now $50 !) and watched old movies of us growing up on a farm and all the super cute things we did to get into trouble.   I even brought out the one of me trying to ride a goat at age 3 – yes a real goat but she just would not stand still no matter how much I pleaded with her 🙂

   Christmas bazaars are everywhere here in Houston.   I found this heavenly treasure at one a few weeks back… banana peanut butter!   I am sure that it must have tons of calories but it tastes so good that I simply do not care.

Family and holidays always stand to remind me of the good things in life…  those little moments or quirky traditions that simply make you smile.