BeautyMark By Kai… Richmond TX Makeup Artist | Houston Business Photographer

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder or so the saying goes.   But what I found out after watching Kai Grayson, owner of BeautyMark by Kai, at work was that she sees beauty in women before they can visualize themselves.  I sat down with Kai a few weeks back to discuss her vision, her famous dad and being inspired by her mother…

SAP:   You are a northerner right? 😉

KAI:   Yes I was actually born in Manhattan but raised in the Bronx.   But now I am a Texas girl!

SAP:   Tell me a little about your vision…

KAI:   Creativity is in my blood line.  My father was a musician, singer and actor.  He’s done plenty of voice overs for commercials including the infamous Lowenbrau Beer commercial in the late 80s and the Pringle’s commercial in the 90s.   My mom was also very creative, from fashion, decor, drawing and beauty…  she just had that gift and way about her.   My dad gave me my love of music, singing in particular.   My mom is all about drawing, but that did not rub off on me.

SAP:  When did you get the “bug” for makeup?

KAI:   Oh, my love of makeup began as a young child watching my mom get dolled up in full makeup every morning for work.  She would make these facial expressions that made me believe that you had to make those faces in order to get flawless makeup application.  Not true!   I love the process and how you are able to enhance and recreate with makeup.

SAP:   What would you consider your greatest extravagance?

KAI:   That would have to be my home!  LOL!  It is small but the largest purchase I’ve ever made.

SAP:   How about men…. What is the quality that you most like in a man?

KAI:   It would most definitely have to be humor and confidence combined…  If a man can feel confident in making me laugh, then he’s won me over for sure.

SAP:   This is something that we are all guilty of, me included….  Which words or phrases do you think you most overuse?

KAI:   “Youknowwhatimean?”  It is the New Yawka in me!

SAP:   Too funny!   Coming from such a talented family…   Which talent would you most like to have?

KAI:   The talent I would most like to have is something that I already do have thankfully… singing!

SAP:   What is your most treasured possession?

KAI:   My son… He is the best thing that was ever given to me that came from God.   I MUST treasure him 🙂

SAP:  Who are the heroes in your life?

KAI:   My mom who unfortunately passed away in early Dec 2011.  She showed me that if you want something, you must go and get it regardless of obstacles.  My mom had many obstacles herself, but I never knew that until I became an adult.   She made life seem flawless.

SAP:  What is your favorite food?

KAI:   Seafood… shrimp in particular.   Lucky I live near the water!

SAP:   Favorite movie?

KAI:   The Wiz – the African-American version of The Wizard of OZ.

SAP:   Do you have a favorite song?

KAI:   Anything from Whitney Houston… but at present “Love On Top” by Beyonce’


BeautyMark By Kai is a local Houston/Richmond business.   To find out more about Kai’s services please follow her on Facebook or contact her directly at

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  1. What an awesome article. I believe Kai puts her love for Beauty Mark on TOP!!!

  2. Boogie I was already a fan and now this write up makes it official! Love your work and your outter and inner beauty keep doing it girl!!!

  3. Kai I knew your makeup I always so well done ,you does a great job,she looks awesome! me next lol!

  4. Awesome! Kai, I loved reading about you and your story thru the Pics! Congrats and much continued success.

  5. Kai, I am so happy for you and proud of all you have accomplished. You’re following your dreams and they are truly coming into fruition for you The sky’s the limit girl and you are soaring high!. Love you much cuzin!!!

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