Keep Kids In School… Let’s Play Some Golf | Houston Event Photographer

    Storms cloud began rolling into Houston late Sunday evening…  high winds could be heard throughout the night.   Morning brought a steady downpour that never seem to lose strength.   What would happen to all the kids if no golf was played today?  Today was Monday April 16 and it was the 3rd annual Keep Kids in School Golf Tournament for Communities In Schools Bay Area.

    CIS-Bay Area is a dropout prevention program serving 15 schools in Clear Creek and Dickinson Independent School Districts.  The Bay Area programs began in Sept 1989 with the League City Intermediate School.  Today the program is stronger than ever with a multitude of programs offered to help “Keep Kids In School”.

    Prestigious Bay Oaks Country Club, on the north side of Clear Lake, was the site of this war of the irons.  Registration opened promptly at 9:30 am despite the steady rain.   Men from far and wide appeared with their trusty golf clubs and the anticipation of the fun-filled day.    By 11 am the rain was still coming down, so what do you do?   The CIS staff went to plan B…. open the bar and bring out more food!

    As the morning progressed, the men hung out and chatted with each other.   The bar was visited time and time again, but still the rain came.   Some golfers decided to have the  putting contest inside, strategically near the bar.  Others sat outside on the patio watching the rain continue to fall.   The grill was fired up out in the garage area and others brought out the redneck margarita machine.  Let the good times roll!

    Finally the powers that be decided it was safe enough to have a contest on hole 14 for  $1000 cash prize.   Everyone grabbed a huge umbrella that looked like a giant lollipop and a golf cart and off they went.   The course was soggy and mud spots already forming.   We whipped along the path, just like the Dukes of Hazzard.  Around the curves we went,  finally arriving at hole 14 only to find lots of muddy ruts and still the rain came.   Time and time again each golfer got his one chance to see how far he could make that little ball fly.  Some came close, still others fell short, but for everyone, the purpose was greater than the prize.

Take the time to get involved… check out the CIS-Bay Area website to learn how you can help.

In the 2009-2010 school year, the Stay In School program information…

  • 2002 is the number of total case managed students
  • 1585 is the number of case managed students in grades 7-12 which is used to measure the stay in school program;
  • 1555 is the number of total students staying in school
  • 98 is the % of students staying in school

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