Beth The Connector… | Houston Business Photographer

Meet Beth…

    Beth is owner of Elizabeth Young & Associates, a company she started in 1989.   The company provides seminars for direct sales companies to assist them in training their new and seasoned sales force on how to effectively grow their business through developing quality referrals.  Beth also provides business coaching on networking effectively; creating follow-up systems that develop quality leads; and developing compelling testimonials.

But… the main point of Beth’s marketing referral training is    An online and easy approach to referral marketing for small businesses.

     Beth and I met in a local networking group.   For those that know me, know that I do not like to “network”, but meeting Beth was easy just like meeting an old friend.  I was honored when she hired me to shoot her new business headshot.  So we met one hot, sunny afternoon in a local park.   The shoot was easy except for the gusty wind, but 10 minutes later we were done.   We celebrated the shoot wrap by eating ice cream in a refurbished indoor swimming pool house that is now an ice cream shop.

Here’s to new friends!