This Is How I Roll… McKenzie Bruceton Tennessee Senior Photographer

     I met her mom in 2nd grade…   Her grandma practically raised me because I was at their house so much.  So I was most humbled when her daughter asked me to shoot her senior pictures… in Tennessee.

   It took me 15 hours to drive to Tennessee (my pup Lucy came along), then we battled daily temps of 100+, but nothing could dampen my excitement to photograph this senior!  It was a grueling 3 hour shoot in the late afternoon harsh sun and high humidity.   We walked through fields, past horses, and I am sure a few spiders, then made our way to the town square and on to the local football field.  By the end of the shoot, she was a pro 🙂  But so many times, there were these deja vu moments where she would say something or give me a certain look and it was like being back in high school with her mom.

     And she saved the best for last…  see Ms D can sing, not just sing, but reaaalllyyy sing!  She left me speechless when she launched in to Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep” a capella.   Amazing!!!

Delaina, best wishes for the most awesome senior year ever!

To watch the behind the scenes film footage, click “This Is The Way I Roll”