Walking In Memphis ~ Olivia Senior 2013… Memphis Tennessee Senior Photographer

    This is the third of my Tennessee shoots and the only one shot on location in Memphis (my soul!).  This vibrant senior was excited and rocked her shoot in record time.  The heat index was around 100 degrees and, as this was August, it was also extremely humid… and that was outside!

    Olivia is a fresh-faced energetic senior whose family has a couple of businesses on historic Main St in Memphis’ South End District.  Our first location was the historic Earnestine & Hazel’s on Main St. – we shot in the top floor that had no A/C – yes that is right and absolutely no air flow.   This was probably my toughest shoot in terms of heat and there was no light except from the dirty old windows in each room.  But despite the heat, the location was so freaking cool!  The second location was on top of the historic Peabody Hotel, with the iconic sign and Mississippi River in the background.  The last part of shoot was at the One Commerce Street building with an amazing lobby area.

Here is the link to Olivia’s video photo shoot diary 🙂   Walking in Memphis ~ 2013 Senior Session

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