The “C” Family ~ A Surprise For Dad | Houston Family Photographer

      The request was simple…  mom and kids wanted to give dad a large canvas portrait of all the kids for Christmas.   The task not so simple.   With just 2 weeks until Christmas, a crazy schedule for all the kids, and the delivery time for the canvas there was only one day and one hour that I could get the shoot completed.  Oh yeah and I had to include the two family dogs.   It was a Thursday and sundown was 5:30pm.   All of the kids had different schools so I found a field near their house.   We started at 4:00 pm and went quickly through all the scenarios that I had planned out.   With dark fast approaching and the little one growing very tired, we were almost out of time.   The very last image that I shot ended up being the one they chose for the canvas!

      The canvas was delivered a week later and I met the mom to hand it over.   She was very happy and dad was extremely surprised on Christmas morning 🙂   He liked it so much that he drove to his office on Christmas Day to hang it up.   What a great family!
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