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Meet Harry…  Two years ago this week, I found him abandoned in a local dog park.  This is a photo of him when I found him wandering in the dog park.2013-04-23_0001

        Yes, someone had shaved his body and legs down to his bare skin and just left him inside the dog park.  No collar, covered in fleas and a horrible skin infection on his back and belly.   I was there with my two pups and was not looking for a third since I had just lost a dog to a horrible bout with lymphoma cancer.   But one look in those eyes and I could not leave him.  I immediately took him to my vet and he was put on a six-week dose of antibiotics along with all required shots.  It took a few weeks for Harry, as I had found him during the royal wedding week, to adjust to life in our house.  He always looked sad and took forever for his coat to grow back.  The vet suspected he was around 8-9 years old, but we made the decision to keep Harry because we doubted any shelter would be able to adopt him out.  Over the past two years, Harry’s life has been full of adventures…  his trips to Austin, his days at doggy daycare, his days snoozing on the couch or walking at the beach, dressing up for Halloween and playing with Lucy and Kemah.  I will always wonder who rescued who that faithful day…


2013-04-23_0002 2013-04-23_0003 2013-04-23_0004 2013-04-23_0005 2013-04-23_0008

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  1. awww and what a great day it was for Harry…your a awesome momma to this lover boy…hugs from Ty and me both!-

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