How Can You Leverage Social Media To Get Hired | League City Marketing Branding Strategist Educator

Ok let’s face it, in today’s world with all of the technology and social media sites, it is a bit overwhelming, especially when looking for a job.  When I started college, computers were just getting started (yes, i am really calling myself out!).   Back in those days, newspaper ads were the go to place, but now job listing are EVERYWHERE, but so too is the reach for all those people looking for jobs.

How can I leverage social media to get hired? One must look at the pros of social media and leverage your brand (yes, that’s right… YOU are a brand all by yourself) to add value to your paper (or electronic) resume.


FIRST… Identify your strengths and what you have to offer an employer or the public in general.  What can you talk about and share that is informative in your job field?  For instance, a hair stylist should know the latest hair colors or styles, what styles work best for what shape faces, etc.

TWO…  Start a blog – wordpress has free accounts that are so easy to use.   Now that you have identified your knowledge base,  Set up weekly posts with content that is useful to the public in your job field.  Make sure to include photos at the minimum.   Also keep in mind these posts are not thesis papers, so be brief and highlight the major points.  Note – blog name should be your name or something professional.  Remember this blog is to add depth to your traditional resume.

THREE… You can go one step farther and setup a basic landing page (Go Daddy has easy ones at very low prices) that will link directly to your blog site with very easy programming on the go daddy domain admin party.

FOUR… Make sure to update your resume to include your blog address and you can also add it to your personal email signature so it automatically goes out to any prospective employers that you may email.  (Never add it to your current job email signature unless of course you are the employer)

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