The Biggest Small Mistake Made By Entrepreneurs | Houston League City Branding Strategist Photographer

“Learning how to effectively communicate your message will never go out of style.” – Kristi Dosh

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.  And in today’s world, the first impression can be formed before prospective clients even meet you.  The email address that you use for your business is the biggest small mistake that entrepreneurs make time and time again.


Why? Because using a personal email breaks down your professionalism and your credibility as a professional.   A great example…  So Sue is now in her mid-30s and needs to start thinking about her retirement.  She is looking for a financial advisor to help her plan and she is referred to two individuals, both professionals.  The first is Fred with email of  The second one is Gabe at    Is it safe to say, that Sue is probably going to feel safer going with Fred than Gabe without even speaking to them?

According to a recent survey by Visible Logic, an overwhelming 70% of people this it matters and a non-branded email address looks unprofessional. is essentially the gold standard of what people consider professional with more than 90% ranking this type of email address as “most professional”.  

If you are still unsure of why you should use a business-branded email address for your business, check out these 5 reasons:

  1. Give the right first impression: this one is pretty self-explanatory
  2. Create a “bigger” image: gives the impression that you are well-established
  3. Build credibility and trust: would you send your credit card or personal mailing information to a personal email?
  4. It’s actually inexpensive… and EASY:  If you get a domain name, most usually come with an easy and inexpensive email plan. has a basic domain name for 1 year plus 1 year of matching email address for $64 (includes taxes) for entire year.
  5. Promote brand awareness: every time you send out an email to anyone you are promoting your business not google, yahoo, aol or someone else.

You are never too small to start building your brand and email is an easy step to take.


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