7 Steps to Start A Blog | League City Houston Branding Strategist & Educator

Blogging was huge a few years back, but with the firestorm in social media these days, blogs get left out in the cold.  In all actuality, blogging is the cornerstone or heart of your social media presence.   Where as the content you post on all other sites disappears after a certain length of time or is extremely hard to find, your blog keeps all of your content online for the world to see and search for easily.


Starting a blog doesn’t have to be hard or time-consuming nor expensive.  I started my blog for free and maintained it for years free.

Here are 5 reasons to start a blog…

  1. A love for writing and educating folks  – this means sharing stories, building communities or encouraging others.
  2. Gain more exposure for your existing business
  3. Share passion, inspiration and knowledge (in specific areas) with others
  4. To sell/market your own products and/or services
  5. Make money working from home

No matter your specific reasons for starting or what others tell you, a blog must be your decision and fit your social media online presence strategy.

My 7 Basic Steps to Start A Blog

  1. Decide first what you want to blog about or the goal/purpose for your blog:  Remember to offer value in each and every post in someway
  2. Pick a name for your blog + domain name:  Right now you are probably just trying to figure out how to start and what to write and not even thinking about down the road a year or two.   But think big!  It’s important to decide on a name for your blog (one that will serve you now and in the years down the road).   Make it easy to spell and not a really long one – trust me you will understand this if you have to type a  really long name 50 times a week.  Brand yourself now and brand yourself for the future, now.
  3. Choose a blog platform:  Here is where  I am going with the free way first.  No matter if you want free or something more impressive, WordPress is the route to go.  Free is wordpress.com and more control over your design, etc is wordpress.org (self-hosted).  Wordpress is the best platform for SEO (search engine optimization)!
  4. Choose a blog design:  This is not absolutely critical, but pick a design then post for a few weeks until your get comfortable.   Once you are comfortable, then revisit your design and see if it is the best fit.  By all means, do NOT change your design every week or month.  Remember, even the free blog should showcase your brand look and that means being consistent.  P.S. pick a design that allows post summaries, your want your readers to be drawn in and want to click to read more.  If you choose to show your entire post on the blog page then the reader has no incentive to dive in deeper and they will just skim or get tired of scrolling thru entire blog posts.  This is especially true if your posts are long (try not to make them long).
  5. Gather your blog images:  Before you start blogging, plan out your first few posts and what images you will need.   You should put at least one image in each post.  People are visual and visuals entice people to click on your blog post to read further.  Remember that the images do not need to be large files for viewing on internet.   In fact, large file images will cause your blog to load very slowly and readers get tired of waiting.   Check out this article from One Dog Woof on her 10 tips on Best Image Size for Your Blog.
  6. Setup a blog post schedule:  This is to ensure you stay consistent so readers will be excited to come back to your blog.
  7. Start blogging!

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