When Life Throws You A Curve Ball, What Next? | Houston Personal Branding Photographer

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

As entrepreneurs, we can not afford to remain stagnate in our business and personal lives. Our minds constantly need to think and breathe just as any relationship or business does.  These past few months have been exceedingly challenging on me with my mom’s passing in October, so in late March, I invested in myself with a 6 week course  on “the path to profitability” with the always inspiring and enduring Jasmine Star.

My focus with this course is to expand my creativity.  I want to strive consciously to put more substance and  value in my business endeavors.   I do not simply see myself as a photographer, but as a teacher, self-confidence booster, inspirational friend.   In my mind, a beautiful portrait or simple photograph is so much more than merely a moment when time stopped.   A photograph can transform the way a 16-year-old girl sees herself or teach a child about an important moment in life or thankfully bring instant wonderful memories to a husband who lost the love of his life.

My mom was forced to change the focus of her life in her mid-thirties when she was laid off from her factory job.  With only a high school diploma, her choices were limited.   So she decided to focus on a dream of hers, so she applied for a state grant and enrolled in a nursing vocational program with a small child still at home (me).  I strive everyday to live up to the amazing example she provided daily in a life that was so far from easy for her.

So if you are struggling with focus or purpose in business or just want to bring more value to your life, look around you to those who can help you see the light.  Sometimes we need motivation or directions to help us through the rough times and help us get back in the game.

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  1. I’m blown away by you. You are incredible and YOU inspire me. I applaud your courage, chutzpah, and determination to succeed in spite of the challenges. Much LOVE.

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