What is a Family Shoot? | League City Houston Portrait Family Photographer

“In every conceivable manner, the family is the link to our past, bridge to our future.” – Alex Haley

Family shoots can be both exciting and stressful for most families, especially if you have young children involved.   These are my top tips I share with my clients to plan family photo shoots.

  • Plan something fun, particularly if you have small children.
  • Don’t expect the children to stand still for very long
  • Bring snacks for the young kids and pets, if they are included (see post “How to Add Your Dog to a Photo Shoot“)
  • Pick clothes that are comfortable and fun.   Try not to match, but instead look to coordinate.  Also keep in mind what your “background” scenery will be and pick clothes that compliment not distract.
  • Sometimes, it is better for the mom to come first and have her individual shots done, then dad can bring the rest of family a short while after mom gets to shoot.
  • Work with the photographer on the best locations, whether in the studio or on location.  Don’t give up an idea because you think it is too much trouble.
  • Have all the family members clothes, shoes, jewelry, props, etc planned out at least a week before shoot.  Make sure all clothes are clean and pressed, if needed.  Do not wait until the day of shoot – family fight waiting to happen.
  • Plan a family night out with dinner after the shoot.
  • Something will go wrong.  Someone will get mad or act up (families with children).  The best experiences are never those perfect moments.  Memories are made when things go a little unexpected.