The Benefit of Mentors | League City Houston Business Educator Photographer

“I don’t want to live my life wondering what if? I would rather try and fail miserably.” – Jasmine Star

Amen to that sister!

She really talked fast and had funny little sayings, but I got her.   I mean, I REALLY got her.   It was like she was talking directly to me.   I felt the same things that she was discussing… the fear, the urge to do better, the desire to run a business and run it better.  I found her about 5 years ago when she was teaching an online class.   She was spunky and a self-taught wedding photographer, who did not shoot like all the others.  She grew her business online with social media.   And… when she talked, I was inspired to be better creatively, and as a business person.

 Jasmine, thank you for being such a great business person, mentor and for being fearless…. at least on the outside, cause we all have our hidden fears, but it is what you do with them on the outside that counts. –

Are you a business person who is struggling or a creative entrepreneur who has lost their mojo?

Find a mentor!   But just following someone may not benefit you.   Look for ways to interact and ask specific business questions.  Also look for mentors in the same industry as you, in addition to great business leaders.   Mentors are a great source of encouragement and inspiration.   Look for local mentors, as well, as mentors online.  Stay focused and dream big…  and never, EVER let them see you sweat!

Some great business mentors online:

Jasmine Star, of course!
Sheryl Sandberg (COO – Facebook)
Ursula Burns (Chairman/CEO – Xerox Corp)
Mark Cuban (Owner Dallas Mavericks NBA team & Shark Tank among many things)
Robert Herjavec (Shark Tank & Head of many businesses)
Ryan Seacrest (Host – American Idol, Live with Kelly & Ryan, producer, radio personality)