The Beauty (and Value) of a Maternity Shoot | League City Friendswood Maternity Photographer

“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.” – Dorothea Lange

Annie Leibovitz set the world a’blazing when her portrait of a very pregnant (and naked) Demi Moore appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair in 1991.   She not only opened a conversation about the public’s perception of pregnancy, but literally ushered in whole genre of maternity photography.

Leibovitz created a new sensation around pregnancy portraits when photographed Serena Williams very pregnant (and naked-looking) for the August 2017 cover of Vanity Fair.

The majority of my pregnant clients do not feel pretty, they are tired and, if late in their pregnancy, feeling extremely awkward and not at all beautiful.   But, every single one of them is so thankful they did the shoot when they see their beautiful portraits.   If you are pregnant and in doubt about a maternity shoot, then ask yourself…  “would you want a portrait of your mother pregnant with you?”.  A portrait of two generations for generations to come.

Maternity photography can be simple, elegant, carefree or more fashion-inspired and I can help you with any of these concepts.

Here are my tips for picking the best maternity photographer:

  1. Choose someone who you are extremely comfortable with.
  2. Choose an editing style that suits you – every photographer shoots differently so look at their website and the portraits and see which ones you are drawn to.
  3. Pick a style and setting that speaks to you.   Not everyone wants a look like Demi Moore or Serena Williams, but know that these are options and you can look just as incredible as they did on the covers of Vanity Fair with the right photographer.