Melissa Williams | Wonder Women Series

When I answered the call she told me she needed a simple headshot for a conference she would be speaking at in a matter of weeks. Like all women I talk to, Melissa was not that excited about the impending shoot.

Whenever I prep clients for any type of shoot I always send a list of do’s and don’ts with recommendations of what to wear. And I always tell them to bring more outfits than they may need so we have options during the shoot. These extra “notes” helps build confidence with the client and helps the client relax prior to arriving at the shoot.

Melissa arrived the day of the shoot both excited and nervous. We walked through the outfits before she changed and we talked during the shoot. It’s my job to communicate to the client if the outfit is or is not working in their favor as I look through the lens and as I view them when I’m posing them.

Good and authentic communication is key in helping a client relax in front of the camera.

Afterwards she left my studio feeling beautiful, powerful, confident and ready to take on the world.

The three portraits below are her favorites.

Melissa Williams, Houston, Texas – Executive @ Shell Marine

Headshots can be tricky and boring. All three of these portraits of Melissa can be cropped in tighter for a close up version or the background extended outwards to create a horizontal portrait for a blog post or some other type of marketing.

I advise all my clients, women and men, to bring colors that compliment them and make them feel confident. Clothes should never be the first thing the viewer sees, but instead a compliment to the person.

* Shot with only natural light

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Photographed on location at GIS headquarters, Houston, TX 2016