Sandy Adams joins the 2010 Go Red for Women Campaign

Sandy Adams Photography is a proud supporter of this year’s 2010 Go Red for Women Campaign here in the Bay Area of Houston.   As a former long time volunteer of the annual Memphis Heart Walk and a committee member for this year’s annual luncheon here in the Clear Lake area of Houston, I have the opportunity to reach out to all women and educate them about heart disease.  My mom is a heart disease survivor and due to genetics ,I could develop heart disease as well.
Lil Emily is happy that her mom drinks Diet Coke in the fight to be heart healthy.

What most people do not  know is that heart disease kills more women annually than breast cancer.   Diet Coke, as a nationwide sponsor of the American Heart Association and and the Heart Truth campaign, is spreading the word about heart disease and the steps that most women can take to become heart healthy.

I shot the accompanying photo to show my support for Diet Coke and the AHA 2010 Go Red for Women Campaign.  Check out the Go Red campaign in your area.  To learn more go to and take your heart health in your hands today.