The Gilberts Go to the Shore….. Galveston Bay That Is

I had an awesome photo shoot again at the Kemah Boardwalk on the banks of beautiful Galveston Bay.   The morning was just great – sunny skies, no clouds, warm breeze and great clients!   The Gilberts are a young, fun couple and I wanted that to come across in the photographs.  They were certainly more than willing.   The shoot was actually effortless as we moved from place to place along the boardwalk, set up shots, and then moved on.     Here are just a few samples from yesterday’s shoot.    I am available on weekends (Sat or Sunday) for remainder of March so book now to catch the great weather!  In April, I will start my summer schedule for short shoots during week at 6pm except for Fridays.

One thought on “The Gilberts Go to the Shore….. Galveston Bay That Is

  1. If they had 1/2 the fun that your photos portrayed, it was an awesome day to remember! Hope you offer a great packaged deal; who could possibly have to pick and choose?

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