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Best Friends…   those words conjure up so many wonderful images and feelings, but nothing compares to the two pups that I recently photographed.  Hunter and Missy 🙂    Hunter is the big one and Missy is the small one but together that just fit.    Does that remind you of the classic movie best friends?   It does me… Danny Devito and Arnold Schwarzenegger for instance.    I had the best time with these pups so much so that we are doing another session after the holidays with the owners included this time.     Hunter, as you can probably tell, is a Bluetick Coonhound and just the best guy ever.   Hunter’s story is kind of sad and pretty much the same as so many pups across the country but his has a happy ending.

The owners were driving thru Arkansas and stopped at a Wal-Mart (wow really!  like that never happens, especially in Arkansas) .   They saw this poor pup hanging around and sadly  Hunter was very close to skin and bones.   No tags, no collar, nothing 😦    So they decided right then that Hunter needed a rescue and off he went to Houston.    Hunter is now extremely healthy and happy.  He spends his days in the warm weather and sunshine of the Texas Gulf Coast.   Missy, Hunter’s adopted “sis” is a mix of half Beagle and Boston Terrier and just adores her big brother.   Ahh to be that content 🙂

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