Ladies and Gentlemen… Uncle Kracker !! | Houston Photographer

WOW!  I just won my first radio contest and to think that I almost did not even try…   I have liked the music of one of Detroit’s native sons for a few years now.   Back when the hit “Follow Me” came out, I took notice.   The voice is soothing and the rhythm of the songs are easy and happy.   Kracker, aka Matthew Shafer, born in a suburb of Detroit, is now blending his way into the country market but not necessarily on purpose.  I like artists that

Me and Uncle Kracker! 🙂

make music with no limitations on how or where it will be marketed.  Music that crosses over many boundaries is more fun and lively with feeling.   Uncle Kracker’s current album “Happy Hour” is full of happy stuff and good stuff.   The most recent hit, “Good to be Me” featuring Kid Rock (another of my fav musicians!) never hesitates to make me smile and evokes memories of my high school years hanging out at night with the t-tops down in my friend Michelle’s Camaro.   So yes Kracker’s songs remind me of warm summer nights and fun times.

Me in front of Mo's Place Katy, TX

So back to the radio contest…   I knew Uncle Kracker would be playing here near Houston and wanted to go.  Then I heard 93Q offering “Up Close and Personal” tickets and that intrigued me as I am not one for smoky, crowded bars any longer.   So Monday afternoon I am driving and hear his song come on the radio and the DJ say “ok 9th caller wins”.   I quickly press the # on my iphone (previously saved for just this occasion) and get about 10 failed calls.   I did for split second think “oh just forget it, there is  no way now” but dialed two more times and then I hear a man’s voice ask me my name and then those wonderful words… “Sandy you are the 9th caller”!  WOW!

So tonight me and my sis-in-law drove an hour to Katy, TX to a little Texas honky-tonk.   Us and about 30 other people were treated to a private (short) concert of just a few songs but that was ok.   I was at the front of the line and got the best seat… directly in front of him and only 5 feet from stage.  I must say that he sounds just as good in person as recorded and in this day and age that is saying a lot with all the technical devices that musicians can add in the studio.   Below are a few photos from my little mini concert and a photo of me with Uncle Kracker.    We did not stay for the main concert later tonight as the place already had all the seats reserved and we would have been in another room watching on a tv monitor.   So, no matter that I only heard 3 songs, because sometimes it’s the little things in life that make you smile the most and tonight was one of those times 🙂