A Mother’s Pride and Joy… | Missouri City Texas Family Photographer

A mother’s life is usually hectic from daybreak to sunset and then even later than that.   With so much scheduling rarely are there posed photos of the entire family together.   The intention is always there but time just seems to slip by and then the kids grow up and move out.   So when mom “K” called me shortly before Mother’s Day, I was overjoyed with the prospect of capturing a mother’s love of her sons (ages 1, 15 & 21) and her husband (who was a tad reluctant).

Even after so many years, I still get excited along with the client when we start planning their photo shoot.  Above all else, the shoot must be relaxed and fun, especially with kids 🙂     In the Texas heat that fun must be extra big!

A Saturday afternoon…   the Texas sun…   3 sons… 1 husband… and a nervous & excited mom!   By the end of the shoot dad was in most of the photos much to his surprise and the 2 oldest boys were actually asking me to photograph them more.  After the shoot, I drove home anxious to see the photos while the “D” family went off to celebrate one of the boy’s birthdays.

Definitely a mother’s pride and joy!

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