Just Another Peanut Butter Morning… with the dogs!

Yesterday morning, The Pet Palace here in Houston received a call and at first they thought surely it must be a prank.  Someone wanted to smear peanut butter on themselves and let the dogs lick it off.    Seriously?!    But it was no prank or at least not a prank on The Pet Palace.   Houston FM 107.5 the Dean & Rog show wanted to stage and broadcast their “Torture Tuesday” at The Pet Palace!  So early this morning with the dogs all worked up, the rain drops coming down and the peanut butter slathered on radio producer Mark, Darrell Bivens (owner, The Pet Palace) let loose the hungry hounds.

At first the dogs were really confused…  normally there is not a man laying on the sidewalk with peanut butter on him.   Could this be a prank on them?  So cautiously each dog sniffed and then decided the man was safe.  Out came the long, wet tongues and the licking ensued.    It was quite a sight but so much fun as it is every day rain or shine at The Pet Palace.  Be sure to check out their Doggy Daycare program…   it is where all the cool dogs go 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Just Another Peanut Butter Morning… with the dogs!

  1. OMG!!!! That is so FUNNY! I sure wish I would have taken Aussie and Sadie to the PET PALACE on this day! They LOVE the PET PALANCE and agree is where the COOL dogs go!!!! However, had they been there on this day….Mark would have been in some major trouble. When it comes to peanut butter…my girls would have not only licked but nibbled and even chewed on his arms! What a fun idea!! My question for Mark would be…are you in a relationship? If not…you probably should be. 🙂

  2. It was so so much fun!!! And the one time it rains in Houston had to be this morning! The Pet Palace shot video that should be up today or tomorrow on their facebook site.

  3. Wow Sandy, love the pictures… They all did have such a great time, including all of us!

    Today when they all come in they are going to be searching all over the play yard for more peanut butter!!!

    If any of you missed it, you can hear on Dean & Rog’s facebook page. and… Just by mentioning this event, Dean & Rog & Suzie are inviting your dog out for Doggie Day care Tomorrow – Thursday July 21st on the house! Hope to see a lot of new puppy faces there!

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