Weekend Musings: Grilled Alligator + Tombstones + Moneyball

   This past weekend I was living large in New Orleans and decided to go outside my comfort zone and try something different but very Nawlinsish (is that a word? sure!)…    Grilled and blackened alligator was that large plank that I decided to walk out on.   We stopped at Mulate’s for dinner where I tried the alligator dish.   I must say is was very delicious.   Below photo is not the actual alligator that i ate (albino gator at New Orleans aquarium) but I thought everyone might enjoy a visual 🙂  [note – check my “A Southern Girl’s View…” later this weekend for a full story on my trip to New Orleans plus lots more photos!]

   A visit to any city for me is not complete without a visit to an old cemetery and New Orleans is famous for its unique above ground cemeteries.    Ground water among other things is one of the reasons that bodies are buried above ground then mix in the ornate tombstones and you get a truly beautiful landscape.   Most folks are a little creeped out by cemeteries but my mom grew up behind one and my love of history, genealogy and archaeology has always given me a view of them as a part of history and a peaceful place.  Below is pic is from an old cemetery near the campus of Tulane University.

   I finished off my Saturday with a movie…   Moneyball, the new major motion picture by Brad Pitt was opening this weekend.   Yes I would go just for Brad Pitt, however, it was also a movie about baseball, of which I am not a huge fan.   However, after I read an interview with Pitt and the writer/director in Sports Illustrated, I quickly changed my mind.  The movie was fascinating and intriguing!   So much so, that I now want to read the book.  I am a sucker for historical moments and the details totally intrigue me.   So girls go see the movie, I do not think you will be disappointed!

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  1. your cemetery shot reminds me of some of the scenes from the movie “Double Jeopardy”. New Orleans really does have some cool cemeteries.

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