Weekend Musings: Holiday Bazaars + Tigers + Hot Tea

This past weekend brought a change in weather, if not but just for a few days.    It was also a weekend filled with lots of great memories…

First up was the Christmas Bazaar at the Kemah Convention Center.  Mostly jewelry but we did find a vendor with some really great dips, peanut butter and soups 🙂   All invoking memories of past Christmas shopping at quaint little shops.

   Friday the postman delivered my weekly copy of Sports Illustrated.   Yes I am a sports person but only for college basketball and mostly especially my alma mater the Memphis Tigers.    This particular copy was the NCAA Men’s Basketball preview and my boys in blue from Memphis were ranked #11 in the nation.   The program is back on the grid after “that coach” left us a couple of years back with nothing but an empty building when he hightailed it to Lexington.

    Allergies were abound due to the change in weather so Sunday I spent the afternoon lounging, watching tv and enjoying some hot tea – something I loved to do ever since I visited England back in 1998.