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    The use of cosmetics is as old as time and Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, is a stunning example of that fact.   Yet strangely enough, the first archaeological evidence of cosmetics was actually found in Egypt around 3500 BC.    Cosmetics have been used throughout the centuries and dispersed across continents in some form or fashion and used by both females and males for various reasons.   The actual application of cosmetics or, specifically makeup, is also an art in itself.

    A few months back I met a wonderful lady at one of my monthly networking functions.   A lady that made it her business to make up a woman’s face.   I was looking for a makeup artist to “partner” with on styled shoots but also bridal, portraits and boudoir shoots.  A special service that I wanted to offer my clients, yet allow me the freedom to focus on the photography.  This lady was my answer!

    Carissa Vidlak, owner of About:FACE by Carissa, is the lady in question.   With an undergraduate degree in Chemistry, I was intrigued exactly how she went from studying Chemistry to the application of makeup.   What I found was a passion for the artistry combined with a passion for the creation of the makeup itself.

    The photo shoot with Carissa was born of the fact that I wanted to promote a “Bridal Do Over”.    Specifically, a “Do Over” is a bride that has already been married yet was not thrilled with her bridal portraits or simply wanted a different look now.  Carissa, who was married in Rome, Italy 5 years ago, had the same issue.   Carissa’s wedding photos were taken at night after the reception and at all the famous spots in Rome (who would not love that!), yet she was totally exhausted during the whole process.  So what a way to introduce Carissa to you… her own bridal shoot with makeup by About:FACE by Carissa!

    Carissa arrived at the shoot in jeans, cute sweater and sneakers.   I photographed her on location at Beach Town on Galveston Island.   The weather was quite chilly and the wind was fairly strong but Carissa was a trooper even when she had to change in the SUV on the side of the road (really who has NOT done that before!!).

   I sat down with Carissa after her photo shoot to discuss her journey, those Prada addictions and who inspires her the most.

SAP:  So, Carissa where did your cosmetic journey start exactly?

CARISSA:  Actually, I decided I wanted a career in makeup back in high school.  I loved dressing up and putting makeup on myself and all my friends and family.  In college this continued, even to the point where my sorority sisters nicknamed my future cosmetic company.

SAP:  Too funny!   So how did the chemistry play a role?

CARISSA:  Basically, I decided to get a degree in chemistry with the intention of  formulating my own cosmetics.

SAP:  What would you say is your greatest extravagance?

CARISSA:  I have a weakness for fine leather Italian goods – namely Prada shoes and handbags.

SAP:  Oh Prada, yes I totally agree.    What would you consider the most overrated virtue?

CARISSA: I think people’s perceptions on virtues are deeply personal so I couldn’t say any virtue is overrated.

SAP: What is the quality that you most like in a man?

CARISSA: I like strong hands and honest eyes – both can tell you a lot about him.

SAP:   As women, we like to talk…   Which words or phrases do you most overuse?

CARISSA: I say “whatever” a ton and according to my husband, “not necessarily” – lol!

SAP: What talent would you most like to have?

CARISSA: To be able to dance like the cast of “So You Think You Can Dance” –  they are so athletic and amazing to watch.

SAP: What do you consider your most treasured possession?

CARISSA: The letters and cards my husband has given me over the years – I like to reread them ever so often.   Every time I do I get a huge smile on my face.

SAP: What do you consider your most marked characteristic?

CARISSA: I would have to say my positive attitude.  Positivity can go a long way!

SAP: Absolutely positivity is so worthwhile.    Which leads me to the next question…  Who are your heroes in real life?

CARISSA: My mom and my grandparents.  All of them taught me the value of hard work and faith in myself in God.

SAP: What do your consider your motto?

 CARISSA:  In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.

SAP: What is one word that best describes you?

CARISSA: Compassionate

SAP: Ok easy one now….   Favorite movie?

CARISSA:  Easy!  Pride and Prejudice

SAP:   Favorite Book?

CARISSA:  The entire Harry Potter series

SAP:  Favorite food?

CARISSA: Italian, especially made by my wonderful husband

Makeup:   About:FACE by Carissa

Dress:  Carissa’s own

Shoes/Jewelry: Carissa’s own

Fur:  SAP’s own find from an antique store in Jackson, TN

To learn more about Carissa and her services,  please visit www.aboutfacebycarissa.com

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