Houston’s Bright Light… Chloe Dao!

     For those of us who are reality show junkies and fashionistas, Project Runway is the high-end brand of reality tv.  Back on season 2 of the show, Houston’s own Chloe Dao took the “runway” all the way to New York Fashion Week and grabbed the top spot with gusto.  Chloe’s boutique Lot 8 had been a thriving business here in Houston already, but she entered the competition to see if she could compete with the best of the best.  And compete she did!  Chloe rocked the competition in the smart and classy way that she lives her life and runs her business.

     Over the past few months Lot 8 has been under renovation and on Feb 3 Chloe reopened the store now branded as Dao Chloe Dao at the same 6127 Kirby Drive address.  Last night Chloe hosted an official open house after hours party for all us cool folks here in Houston.    Houston answered the invite with open arms and the store was swarming with folks from wall to wall.   We arrived fashionably late to the store located near the museum district.  The lights were shining brightly inside and the store was radiating an awesome vibe with flashbulbs going off every few seconds.   Guests were mingling, sipping wine and partaking of the most delicious cupcakes.  Ladies were having a girls night checking out the hot new fashions and even buying some of the must haves to take home.  Chloe loves Houston and Houston loves Chloe and that was never more apparent than last night!