Musings… Leap Day Or Bust!

    Thanks to Julius Caesar there is an extra day in February every four years.   It was on this “extra” day that I was born many, many years ago.   As a leap day baby, I experienced so many different reactions….  First would come the obvious question – Do you celebrate on Feb 28 or Mar 1.  My answer always was “neither are my birthdays”.   Another obvious question was “What is that?” from those folks that obviously missed that very important section in World History!   But for me, as a child, it was just strange… nothing to call my own day.   For years I was convinced I was adopted and looked often for “evidence” but never finding any.   Gradually I just got use to it, then I realized it was pretty darn cool that my birthday was such a rare thing, although perplexing to so many.

    I sit here today on my actual birthday writing this blog, thinking about all the amazing things  that I have seen and done in my life.   Does a day each year mean that much?  Yes in some strange way it does, but I have learned to celebrate my day regardless.  But I still refuse to pick an alternate day for those off years 😉

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