Go Red For Women 2012 Heart Throb… The Entrepreneur!

    I met Matthew’s wife, Meredith, first at their Pinkberry store in the Clear Lake area of Houston.   I was totally smitten with her and her blush when I asked if her husband would be a Go Red Heart Throb for this year’s luncheon.  It was obvious that she thought the world of her husband and I found the same was true when I finally met Matthew to discuss his shoot.  They are a power couple and very much in love, so it seems appropriate that Pinkberry is their new business here in Houston (the ONLY Pinkberry franchise in Houston).

    The Emorys were already actively involved in the American Heart Association’s annual Houston Heart Walk, but they wanted to do more and AHA was thrilled at the prospect.   While most folks would think I would choose the obvious location for the shoot… Pinkberry, I instead always choose something that best describes the essence of the man, which is not always his job.   I sat down with Matthew just before his shoot to discuss what really sums him up, his beautiful energetic wife and how Pinkberry fits the Go Red For Women profile.

SAP:  What is the one thing that really sums you up?

Matthew:  Food!  Even though I was born and raised in the northeast, I love Southern food and how the Southern culture parlays over into the Southern food.   And I love to eat great food.

SAP:  Let’s start off with an easy question…  what is your favorite food and why?

Matthew:  Pinkberry of course!! I have to truly believe in the products that I sell and Pinkberry really is a wonderfully tasteful product.   But most importantly because it’s refreshing, it’s a healthy alternative and I never feel bad after I eat it.

SAP:  So what would you consider your most prized possession and why?

 Matthew:  That would be easy…  The love of my wife because I can’t live without it.

SAP:  What is the last book read? 

Matthew:  “Esquire The Handbook of Style: A Man’s Guide to Looking Good” I have this in constant rotation…

SAP:  Ok some of my followers want to know…  if you were without family/work for an entire 24 hours – what would you do?

Matthew:  First… I would go for a run and then relax for the rest of the day at some outdoor location…either a café or poolside.

SAP:   What do you love most about Houston? 

Matthew:   I love living in a big city because I’m from the Northeast.  The fact that six million people live here…that’s a lot of mouths to feed when you’re in the restaurant business.

SAP:  Do you know anyone with heart disease?

Matthew:  No, thankfully but that does not stop me from being concerned and wanting to help anyway possible.

SAP:  what would be your dream spot in the world to visit and why?

Matthew:   Prague…  I love the history and architecture.   Especially urban design and city planning because it is always so remarkable in historic cities.

    Matthew’s was shot on location at BRC Gastropub at 519 Shepherd Dr, Houston.   We chose the location because it had the look and feel of Southern food and culture, which Matthew and I felt really said the most about him, both personally and professionally.

Meet Matthew and the other Heart Throbs at the 2012 Bay Area Go Red For Women Luncheon on Friday, March 9 at South Shore Harbour Resort & Conference Center.

Below is Matthew’s official Heart Throb portrait and some of the outtakes… 

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  1. Sandy – another FABulous photo shoot. You are AMAZING!! Ok, your model is quite handsome too.

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