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    We were all hoping the rain would hold off as the day progressed, but that pesky sun hid just as I was leaving for the bride’s house.   This low-key wedding was being held at The Rainbow Lodge in the outskirts of Houston.  The venue is a quaint, very old cabin situated on what use to be the banks of a bayou.

    I have known the bride and groom for 2 years now.   And in that time span, I have witnessed their relationship grow from new couple to new house purchase to new baby to small family and now husband and wife.  I have chronicled their lives in photographs for  and we have experienced so many laughs together (and a few stresses) at those shoots but oh what memories…

   Despite the clouds, the afternoon was spent dressing at the bride’s house with her mother and family in attendance.   The atmosphere was laid back, if you count a baby walking around, two Rottweilers wanting attention and a mother of the bride getting a brand new haircut just mere hours before the ceremony.   Yes it was chaos, but it was happy, relaxed chaos.

    There was a sweet movie a few years back, “Must Love Dogs” with Diane Lane, the title kind of sums up how the groom got “in the door”.   The bride owns two Rottweilers, Mitzie and Sadie, and they were the excuse the groom needed to get that first one on one conversation with his future bride.  The dogs were very excited about the wedding day even though they had to stay home.

    She is early to rise and a strategic planner and He takes each moment as it comes… She likes to run early in the morning with the dogs while He likes to sleep in and relax.  They both love their kids and family dearly and both are extremely creative.  Separately they were great but together they are awesome!

Here are a few select photos from the wedding.

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  1. Sandy, No one could have done a better job than you putting this together. Now the memories you have given all our family will always be timeless. Thank you again for a job well done.

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