The Go Red For Women Luncheon Finally Arrives… Houston Event Photographer

    The statistics are simple…  heart disease is the #1 killer of women each year.  Heart disease kills more women each year than all the cancers combined.   The American Heart Association (AHA) created the Go Red For Women annual campaign to bring the nation’s attention to the staggering number of female deaths each year from heart disease.

    I became involved with AHA in 2000 in Memphis just a couple of years after my own mother had emergency triple bypass surgery.  That afternoon when I received the call will forever live in my memory, it is also the day that I realized my mom was not invincible.  I was 28 years old…

   My mom did like so many other women, she ignored the signs that there was a problem… and she was a nurse.   Women are our caretakers and as such they often put everyone elses needs before their own.   Doctors are more likely to dismiss heart issues in women because a healthy woman could not have heart issues.   To most people, I look extremely healthy, but my DNA could dictate something totally different.  I must pay attention to my diet, my exercise and my body.

   Just a couple of weeks ago, Clear Lake held their annual Go Red For Women Luncheon. The event in Clear Lake was started by local women because one of them had a stroke during child-birth.  The same week the luncheon was held another local woman, 45 years old, died in her car in a restaurant parking lot waiting on her pizza order.   She had been having some health related issues… shortness of breath, fatigue, tiredness, etc.  She went to see her Primary Doctor and he told her it was probably Menopause related and told her to go see her OB/GYN.

The Bay Area Luncheon was held at South Shore Harbour Resort on a cloudy and cold day but that did not dampen the fun-filled room with tons of women and 3 hot heart throbs.   Check out some of the photos below or visit Go Red 2012 Gallery.

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  1. Darn you Sandy Adams…..why do you always get to be the one to surround yourself with all the Handsome Men??? As usual, Great Pictures and Awesome Coverage of the Event!!

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