Weekend Musings… Fried Green Tomatoes + Office Visitors + Snow White

As the temperature rises quickly today to 100+ degrees, I sit here contemplating the past weekend with a smile…

     Thursday I played hooky in the afternoon to sit in a cold, dark movie theatre and watch Snow White and the Huntsman with a friend of mine and her visiting mother.   Movies are the perfect recipe to wait out the heat and humidity.   I had seen the trailers and the movie did not disappoint other than the ending…  [spoiler alert] I wanted to see them together not image what happens.  Call me crazy but it is a fairy tale after all and I wanted the fairy tale ending.

     Friday was “Take your dog (or cat) to work day” and I tried to do that….   The cat (her name is Nefertiti) stays in the office most days napping but the pups are usually not allowed up here.  See they get too excited (except during storms) and keep running up and down the stairs.   But I decided to let Kemah and Lucy visit for a spell – Harry has not been well and was unable to make it up the stairs (but he is much better this week).   A few pics of the visit to the office.

We are trying to eat healthier and that meant a trip to the Farmers Market (specifically Froberg’s in Alvin) for some fresh veggies… and maybe a fried strawberry pie or two 🙂     And as soon as I saw the green tomatoes, I knew that I had to buy a few.   What southern person can resist fried green tomatoes?!