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      I absolutely did a happy dance!  As everyone knows I am a huge supporter of the American Heart Association and I am currently a committee member of the Bay Area Go Red For Women campaign.  So, I was thrilled when we launched the Men Go Red fundraising group in January as a direct fundraising arm of the Go Red For Women campaign.   Oh, but it gets better….  The chairman of the new group decided he wanted to shoot an ad featuring a select few of the Men Go Red founding members.  And still it gets better…   The ad was to be shot at the historic Jim West Mansion on Nasa Road on the banks of Clear Lake.   A mansion that is on the National Register of Historic Places and sadly has been vacate for many years, until now.

     See back in 2006 NBA great Hakeem Olajuwan had quietly purchased the property, but did not begin restoration until this past fall.   Now the mansion is the official home of the new DR34M store owned by Hakeem himself.    So back to my happy dance…  this is a mansion that I pass almost every day and it is simply beautiful in its grand yet simple majestic presence.   I have wanted to shoot on this property since I moved to Houston.   So on a cold Monday night just a few weeks back, my dream of shooting in this mansion came to fruition and it was a blast 🙂

official ad image for Best Practices magazine

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