Brennan’s Restaurant: Jessica + Scott | Houston Wedding Photographer

      He is from Scotland, but now calls Houston home.  She is from the plains of Oklahoma, but lives in the big city of Houston.   They met on   She thought he was cute 🙂  He loved her humor!  And so the story began…

      On a beautifully hot and humid night in early October, the wedding of the Scotsman and his Oklahoma bred bride was held at the elegant Brennan’s Restaurant in downtown Houston.   The rain had stopped late in the night before, but the humidity stayed around well into the evening.   A large entourage from Scotland and other countries had arrived in town earlier in the week, as well as the bride’s mother.  The groom wore his kilt along with the other Scotsmen at the wedding.  The bride wore a beautiful 50s style cocktail length dress with an elegant pillbox style hat and veil.  There was even a bagpipe player…   Guests were treated to a beautiful sit down dinner with lots of fun and many toasts.  It was a special night with family and friends, old and new and a perfect way to start a new blended life together.

Congrats to Jessica + Scott and their beautiful new life together 🙂

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