My Friend Tracy… a personal post

A beautiful woman, wife, mother, daughter and friend… Sandy Adams Photography Clear Lake Family Photographer-7 On Friday, May 23, my friend Tracy called me up out of the blue.   I had not seen her for several months.  She sounded full of life and told me she needed a huge favor.   I said sure whatever you need.  She responded, “I have cancer and you know I am a planner so I want you to come take pictures of me and my family before I get really sick and lose all my hair.”   My shock was indescribable.   Tracy had just been formally diagnosed that afternoon with stage 4 colon cancer, liver cancer, and bone cancer.   (Two weeks later she would be told she also had brain cancer)   So I checked all my feelings and told her that I would be over that weekend immediately and take lots of pictures.   I showed up that Sunday of Memorial Day weekend.  Her kids were still reeling with the shock, as well as, her husband.  I knew that the last thing they all wanted to do was put on a smile and sit for photos.  I could tell right away that Tracy was in a lot of pain, but I also knew how much this meant to her, so I put my boss hat on and did what I knew she wanted.  I even talked her into trying on one of my red dresses and taking some glamour shots.   I set up outside and enlisted her husband and son as the tulle tossers 😉 If only I had behind the scenes pics of that!  We laughed a lot!  I knew that the red dress images were kind of outside Tracy’s comfort zone, but I saw a beautiful, vibrant women in these images.  I have waited to post these images and tell her story, but not without her permission.  This was not the first time that I had photographed the family and if Tracy has anything to say about it, it will not be the last time that I photograph her.  Tracy is currently being treated at MD Anderson here in Houston and the treatment has seen an incredible reduction in the cancer masses.  She continues to push herself to become that next “ridiculous miracle”.  If you wish to make a donation to help with her medical expenses, please visit and all prayers are certainly welcomed.Sandy Adams Photography Clear Lake Family Photographer-9 Sandy Adams Photography Clear Lake Family Photographer-8 Sandy Adams Photography Clear Lake Family Photographer-5 Sandy Adams Photography Clear Lake Family Photographer-3 Sandy Adams Photography Clear Lake Family Photographer-2

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  1. Such a beautiful family. I just love them all! Sandy you did an amazing job capturing the love and spirit of this family.

  2. absolutely stunning pictures! Tracy you are gorgeous inside and out!! 😍

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