Cool Things and Instagram | League City Clear Lake Portrait Photographer

This past year my love of Instagram has grown exponentially.   I increased my presence because all the cool high school students were totally into it.  But then I discovered something else…   So many people and companies are using it to share everything.   Instagram was made for National Geographic!  Seriously, they can get their stunning images to everyone in the world.   I now follow not only National Geographic, but almost all their photographers.   My love of fashion has also grown along with my craving for Instagram.  And I am not even going to get into all the dogs and cats who are on Instagram plus all the rescue organizations.

Note – In July 2010 to promote the 2010 Alltech PEI World Equestrian Games (WEG), LexArts Horse Mania kicked off the celebration with 82 horse statues.  Regional artists were selected to paint and decorate the life-sized statues.  The horses were on display from July 15 till Oct 15, then auctioned off.   The statues were on display around the city of Lexington.   I spent a day in Lexington and “captured” several, including the one below.League City Friendswood Travel Portrait Fine Art Photographer Sandy Adams Art Gallery Clear Lake Photographer-3929

Photo Above – horse statue in downtown Lexington Kentucky


Here are my top 10 Instagram accounts (and it was really hard to choose just 10!) at least for this week…

@natgeo | @natgeotravel | @natgeoadventure

@flagaline | @theharleyhubbard | @smokesagestone | @thubbmusic | @playBKplay







@kimkardashian (yes I know, but she and all the Kardashian/Jenners are the kings (and queens) of marketing!)


I read a newspaper article several months ago that stated…  we are the most photographed generation ever, but in 50 years we will not have any images to show.  I grew up with photographs and super 8 movies and try really hard to get important images printed, but alas we are a digital generation and that is just super hard to do.

Recently, I was perusing Nashville’s up and coming designers, Velvet’s Edge, and ran across a really cool product they mentioned called  You can sign up on this site, link your Instagram account and it will print out your Instagram images in small books of 60 pages each (1 pic per page) and automatically mail them to you every 60 images posted.   How cool is that!

I post a lot of images and was manually getting these together at the end of the year, but now I can get these printed without having to doing anything or remember to do it. #ExistInPhotos