Introducing Hemingway ~ A Dog Rescue Story | A Personal Story

“The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.” – Ernest Hemingway

Meet Hemingway… he is a 1-year-old (estimated) Cathoula Leopard Cur dog (mix presumed) and just over 6 weeks ago he was sitting on death row at the Bay City, Texas animal pound.  I discovered him on a Facebook share from a friend.   I try not to look most of the times because I have two pups and a cat already and three dogs is tough to handle.   But…  I looked and 3 days later I was picking up this adorable pup in Alvin through Mutt Mesh Animal Rescue.   The Bay City Animal Pound does not do adoptions so I had to go through a local rescue that they work with.   I contacted them immediately on the friday that I saw his photo – he was on the list to be killed.   Mutt Mesh immediately vetted me and contacted the pound to put an immediate hold on the pup (at the time named Devon).  The following Monday I was contacted by the rescue group that he had been transported to Alvin and was ready for immediate pickup.   (Yes I did have to fill out an application and produce great references)

When I met him for the first time, he came running over to me and immediately laid down on the ground and rolled to his back for me to rub his tummy and continued to do this all the way home in my front seat as well as licking the gear shift, etc.   The very next day, I immediately had him checked out by my vet, luckily he was in great health and estimated to be around 1-year-old (they determine age by teeth condition among other things).    His induction into the family has not been the easiest as Cathoulas are hunting dogs and very territorial, so it has been a slow process, but we knew it would be so.   During the weekdays, he has been going to doggy daycare at the Pet Palace to help with socialization skills and to learn to be around other pups.   He is very well liked by all the females both canine and human 😉   And for his name, Devon just did not fit him.   I wanted something that sounded like a hunter so I looked up all the great hunters in history and saw Ernest Hemingway‘s name and knew that was it.

There are so many pups/cats in shelters and animal pounds that deserve good homes.   If you have the ability to adopt do so instead of buying or if you can at least foster until a forever home is found.  Shelter animals deserve the very best and you can make a difference in at least one animal’s future.

A huge thank you to the following businesses for their part in Hemingway’s chance at a new life!