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“The art of photography is all about directing the attention of the viewer.” – Steven Pinker

As an entrepreneur, I am constantly using my iphone, even though my profession as a portrait photographer requires a much more advanced camera.  However, there are so many times that my iphone is just a much more convenient instrument… quick behind-the-scenes videos, selfies of the pups, instagram story posts, location scouting, recipes for grocery shopping, and yes, even for vacation shots.   But there are many of those times, that call for much better looking shots.   So, here are my top 10 camera tips for better looking iphone photos.

  1. Capture photos while video recording – During the video recording, tap on the opaque circle on the bottom left of the screen.
  2. Swipe left to get the shot – If your phone is locked and you need to easily access the camera, simply swipe to the left on your locked screen and your camera will open immediately. (iPhone 6, 7, 7+)
  3. Take a portrait with depth effect – Make sure to find a well-lit area (think: bright and natural light) and get in close to your subject until the yellow “depth effect” button is highlighted. (iPhone 7+)
  4. Clean lens for clarity – This may seem obvious, but it’s so easy to forget to clean your lens.  Simply cleaning your lens can dramatically change photos – leading to crisp images and full detail.  Grab a clean microfiber cloth (or even the side of your shirt) and frequently clear off any dust or residue from the lens before your next photograph. 
  5. Control the light through exposure – Adjusting the exposure of a photo can dramatically change the image. Tap the subject of your photo and a sun icon will appear.  Then use your finger to adjust the exposure brighter (up) or darker (down).  (iPhone 6, 7, 7+)
  6. Tap on-screen where you want to focus – If you tap on the small box that appears on each of the faces in the photo, the camera will focus on all of the people. (iPhone 6, 7, 7+)
  7. Capture movement through burst mode – To photograph action shots or a scene that you know will tell a story, i.e. blowing out birthday candles, a surprise proposal, etc.  Keep holding down the shutter button to take a burst of photos. You’ll get every step in sequence, which will lead to a handful of action shots to choose from. Head to your camera roll and click on what seems like just one photo. The “select” function will let you scroll through and pick your favorites. (iPhone 6, 7, 7+)
  8. Find the light! – If you’re in the dark and looking to take a photo without that bright interruption of flash, get as close as you can to a light source (could be a neon sign, dim lamp, etc.) and turn off your flash. Then, tap on your subject to lock in the exposure, and you’ll have that dim-lit photo in no time. (iPhone 6, 7, 7+)
  9. Line your subject up with the grid on the screen – To add a grid to your camera view, go to settings → photos and camera → grid → toggle it on. (iPhone 6, 7, 7+)
  10. Get close to your subject with zoom – To do this, hold down on the photo and slide in towards the subject. Then, tap on the subject to focus. You’ll be close (and clear!) in no time. On the iPhone 7+, click the “1x circle button” to switch to the zoom lens for a sharper photograph.  (iPhone 6, 7, 7+)



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