Tips for Organizing Your Iphone Photos

Ever wonder how the pros handle their personal photos?  Well, for so many of us pro photographers, we are so busy with all of our professional shoots that we tend to just push aside working on personal photos.  But, the process does not have to be so overwhelming for pros and regular folks alike.   Like so many of us, I use my iphone for most everything, including vacation and personal photos (seriously I have hundreds of photos of just my dogs!)  Yet, it took me forever to develop a system on my iphone so I could easily find photos I needed or wanted to print/share.

Here are my 4 basic steps to better photo organization.   We all have our phones in our hands every single day, so just take a few minutes each night or once a week to go through the previous week’s photos and you will be better organized in no time.  In fact, sacrifice 10 minutes of Instagram or Facebook to organize the current week’s photos.  As slick as molasses on pancakes, seriously!

Find your favorites

  1. Delete blurry, accidental or poorly lit
  2. Use favorite feature to star all photos to edit later
  3. Delete & favorite as you go to avoid accumulation of photos.

Create categories

  1. Create albums based on year, event, etc.
  2. Add photos into albums after you shoot, even once a day or week
  3. Create specific albums ahead of time for gifts, etc.

Favorite Apps

  1. iCloud photo sharing – instructions >>> here
  2. photoscan
  3. Google Photo
  4. Chatbooks

Put it to print

  1. Create books or recurring basis so it becomes habit (Chatbooks does it automatically once you set it up)
  2. Directly upload the albums on your phone into a book (Chatbooks and Artifact Uprising)
  3. Backup your photos on a hard drive for extra measure or dropbox


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