7 TIPS for Scanning Old Photos | Friendswood Portrait Photographer

” I look back at old photographs and videotapes and I go, Who was I trying to be? Who was I doing this for?” – Marla Maples


If you are old enough to remember the good ole’ days of film, then chances are you have a ton of shoeboxes with old photos.   Then, add to that the thousands of phone photos, we as a generation shoot every day.

There is no time like the present to start organizing all those images so you can share and pass them along to future generations.

  1. Photo hunt – ask relatives as well
  2. Set aside time each week, maybe an hour so you do not get overwhelmed, to go through a stack of images.
  3. Curate your images (by year, by events)  grouping can help tell stories like vacations, birthdays, etc.
  4. Get the entire family involved, including the children old enough to help
  5. Digitize your photos (easy to do with today’s phone camera’s)… PhotoScan by Google is a great phone app and it has setting to take away the glare on all those glossy images.  I tried it and love it! (and it is free app)
  6. Save & Share your images (easy to do with Dropbox, google or apple photo)
  7. Build your album and get it printed… Mpix and Shutterfly are to great low-cost options.


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