Looking for Love? | Houston League City Portrait Photographer

“Eventually all the pieces fall into place….until then, laugh at the confusion, live for the moment, and know that everything happens for a reason.” – Carrie Bradshaw

As I sat down to write this, I must admit I felt a little like Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City, especially since the topic is dating in the digital age.

Before the age of the internet, what did men and women do to attract the opposite sex?  Usually women and men took extra care in their appearance and behavior, always looking to put their best front and center.   Remember those days of dressing up to hit the clubs or local bar looking for love much like Carrie Bradshaw and the gang?     In today’s digital age, people seemed to have forgotten all those Friday/Saturday dating rules to woo the opposite sex or at least proper etiquette.

There are so many wrong things to do in the way of online dating profiles, but let’s focus on what TO do.

  1. Use a full-body photo – statistics show that profiles with a full-body get up to 203% more incoming messages than the average.
  2. Like sports? Get your jersey out – again here stats show that profiles with sports outfits get 32% more incoming messages and 17% more responses.
  3. Add a vacation pic – this can get you up to 6% more messages and show you in a relaxed, fun setting.
  4.  A great selfie, but only for the women.  According to The Datemix, women get 4% more messages with a great selfie, but men get 8% fewer messages than the average.
  5. Use a great outdoor shot (men).  Men get 19% more messages while women get 40% fewer.
  6. Closeup shot (women) – for women and show off those eyes.
  7. Use natural makeup.
  8. Post at least 4 or more photos.


Don’ts (because I want to help you out boo!)

  1. Don’t wear a hat
  2. Don’t take a photo in your car! – no, no, no, and no
  3. Ditch the sunglasses
  4. Don’t pose with an animal (and this one was hard cause I love my pups!) but stats show profiles with animals get 53% fewer messages.