Dear Moms

The sun was shining through the window on this cold January morning as I sat on the floor sifting through old photos in a shoebox. I picked up an old black and white photograph that had been been bent several times. It was an image that I had never seen of my mom. From the photograph, she was in her very early twenties and in a bathing suit. And… she was posing for the camera. Wait… what?!

Why is this so shocking that my mom was posing for a photograph? Because, my mom hated how she looked, especially after I was born (I am the youngest of 3). She had never lost the pregnancy weight and she developed arthritis among other health issues that prevented her from really losing weight. All of this served as an excuse to not be in more photos with me growing up.

I am in red shorts and Mom is behind me.

My mom represents so many women out there that are not happy with the way they look and thus use that as an excuse to not be in photos with their children. I am not talking about portraits, but normal everyday phone pics. Moms take a ton of photos of their kids, but really how many of the photos actually have the mom and the kid(s) together. In the era of the “selfie”, there is simply no excuse to NOT be in a photo with your kids.

I am the baby sitting in Mom’s lap.

I am incredibly thankful my mom did get in some photos with me and some by herself. Many of the photos are not in focus, not sharp, may be overexposed, etc but guess what… I simply don’t care. The most important thing is that I have photos of my mom and photos of us together.

My mom passed away almost 4 years ago and the photographs are all that I have to remember the moments of our lives together. Don’t leave your family without visual memories.

Printing out your memories, especially in the age of camera phones, is sooooo easy now. It is as simple as taking the photos, organizing the ones you want to use (see this post for more info ). Then ordering prints or a small album once a month.

How to set up monthly or yearly photo print subscription

  • Take a selfie with your child(ren) once a day or once a week for 52 weeks
  • Sign up at Chatbooks for connection to your Instagram, Facebook or camera roll in phone. They have phone apps to make it SO easy.
  • Set up monthly subscription – yes you can review and edit book before it is printed and shipped to you. Prices starting at $5
  • Give them as a Christmas or Birthday present to your kids, spouse, grandparents, etc.
  • Order multiple copies as gifts

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