Photo Shoot Locations For Seniors

The best part of high school senior photo shoots for me is the location selection. My desire for each of my senior shoots is individuality and something that connects the senior to her or his journey. Sometimes the best location is not always so easy to find. Other times the location theme is something simple such as “I want pretty pictures” or “I love Asian culture”. And still other times what the senior wants may be at a crossroads with what the mom or dad want.

My Process:

  • Ask the senior to describe their high school years with a single word or song
  • Identify an overall theme or a combination of themes that best describe the senior
  • Look for key elements that can be found in a location(s) that can visually help tell the story.


Brooke wanted something totally different and that showed off her independent spirit. The day of the shoot turned out to be just before a huge storm was coming in. I used the high winds as a hair machine to get a great effect for the portrait in not only blowing her hair, but also her dress.


Ramsee loved Asian culture and was definitely an individual when it came to fashion. This shoot took a bit more creative work. I had looked at Chinatown in Houston, but it was not really the look I liked. I kept thinking of words and themes in Asia and finally found this temple out in Dickinson. I asked permission first and they were most gracious about allowing us on the property.


Ethan wanted non-action sports with nothing fancy. This senior wanted nothing fancy or over the top so I decided to mimic the look of baseball portraits from years past in both color and composition. This was more along the lines of a Vanity Fair editorial portrait which may sound fancy but in reality is very classic.


Joshua wanted a more grown up look with a suit. For this shoot, Josh had really started paying more attention to his clothes than from a year earlier when I had photographed his older sister. I wanted something more classic for him here, but still with a Vanity Fair look.


Alexius simply wanted “pretty pictures”. Her entire spirit was bright and beautiful and I wanted that to really show in the portraits so I looked for a background that would not distract from her and her radiance.

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