A Silver Lining in the Midst of a Pandemic

First, the NBA was going to take away the people, then a player tested positive and the commissioner had no choice but to stop the season. Then, the NCAA called off March Madness (that really hurt). Then, schools went on extended spring break, and suddenly there was NO toilet paper in this country. But, in the midst of all this panic, fear, and hopelessness, there were also so many signs of the strength of Americans. Impromptu concerts springing up on Instagram and Facebook. So many health care workers putting their lives at risk to care for those sick and the unknown.

What we should be reminded of is all that we have to be grateful for. All the technology at our disposal that helps connect us with our friends, family and so many other folks in this country and abroad. The ability to laugh, smile and yes, even cry. Look around yourself and count your many blessings then smile at others and lift them up as well. Use a free Zoom account to have a coffee with a family member or friend or even watch a movie together. I believe firmly this all will pass, but we will have a different outlook on the other side.

Stay safe friends 🙂

P.S. my surprising good news this week was learning that my 4 images I had entered into The Portrait Masters Accreditation Program all won bronze ratings.